Optimize your fleet with data 

The Maritime industry is globally known for its strong position, its quality and its innovative approach to ship design and operation. They are known for their ‘promise to deliver’ and quality of service. Though there are other industries that have developed further in the adoption of digital technologies. The smart vessel optimizer dashboards are based on the same technology used in industrial facilities all over the world to optimize production lines, machines and processes.

Digital technologies bring opportunities to seriously bring cost price down while improving availability and efficiency. Smart Vessel Optimizer is the most comprehensive dashboard to derive actions from.

What we do

TechBinder is helping customers drive their competitive edge using digital technology. By positioning standardised dashboards and help customers unlock available data. We combine our experience in developing and implementing digital technologies with our customer’s domain knowledge.

How we do it

TechBinder understands that it takes more than just a set of tools before big optimizations can be reached. We support our customers with implementing and adopting where needed as well.