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PHAROS ONE is mobile and suitable for any sailing vessel in the world. This Plug and Play solution has IOT embedded, delivering vital operational insights after powering up. It provides its own connectivity with global coverage to not interfere with vessels infrastructure. There is no need for complex and time-consuming installations to start benefitting from data-driven insights. When the cabinet is installed it can easily be extended as it is able to:

– connect with 600plus types of PLC’s
– pick up 100plus common industrial communication protocols
– be extended by one of the tested external sensor solutions

The historian technology used is best in class allowing up to 100K tags connected, strong compiling for low transportation bandwidth and optimal information translation. There’s no limit to the amount of PHAROS ONEs connected to the cloud environment.

The PHAROS ONE is a maritime big data starter kit that is highly scalable to support a digital journey towards, predictive maintenance, autonomous sailing and digital twins.


Smart Vessel Optimizer brings data that is currently scattered over different data silos and coming from all sorts of assets to one location. We make sure all the data gets the correct timeslice and is stored in the markets leading data historian. This way it can be utilized for any type of analytics tool and be brought to anyone that benefits from it.

Together with our partners we have set an impressive roadmap with new features and functionalities so you can innovate at your own pace and cherrypick what functionality would bring your operation to the next level.

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