Plug and play start

PHAROS ONE is mobile and suitable for any sailing vessel in the world. This Plug and Play solution has IOT embedded, delivering vital operational insights after powering up. It provides its own connectivity with global coverage to not interfere with vessels infrastructure. There is no need for complex and time-consuming installations to start benefitting from data-driven insights. When the cabinet is installed it can easily be extended as it is able to:

– connect with 600plus types of PLC’s
– pick up 100plus common industrial communication protocols
– be extended by one of the tested external sensor solutions

The historian technology used is best in class allowing up to 100K tags connected, strong compiling for low transportation bandwidth and optimal information translation. There’s no limit to the amount of PHAROS ONEs connected to the cloud environment.

The PHAROS ONE is a maritime big data starter kit that is highly scalable to support a digital journey towards, predictive maintenance, autonomous sailing and digital twins.


A tour through the possible visuals and set-ups:

Smart Vessel Optimizer consists of a number of standard dashboards that can be adapted per customer. The type of vessel and operation determine the most critical KPI’s that need monitoring if shipyards and vessel owners want to start optimizing. These KPI’s will be determined at the start of the project together with the end user. It is from this starting point that we determine the vital datapoints that we need to extract and convert from the vessel.

We are developing standardised dashboards for specific vessel types as well. This way we support customers that may need some help determine the possibilities. Along the way we can tweak dashboards if desired or add extra specific visuals. All information shown in the dashboards can be presented in recurring reports to be shared with specific stakeholders in the value chain.

If you have the right technical skills in your operation you are free to design dashboards as well. TechBinder is focussed on easy deployment and implementation to allow fastest Return on Investment (ROI). Our personal ROI record is currently one month after the data connection has been set up.

Predefined dashboards:

All vessels and data in these pictures are modified and do not represent an actual fleet.

Operational view of the Fleet

To create overview of the fleet and as starting point of your Data Driven Fleet optimization Journey the main dashboard is created.

1. This is where you make a selection of type of vessels and the actual vessels you want to visualise. This way you can select or deselect specific vessels to finetune the overall visualisation. This is as well where you can select a specific timeframe you want to monitor.
2. Here you find average performance on your most vital KPI’s over the selection from point 1. This allows a fast and easy assessment of the overall performance of the whole fleet.
3. In the left upper corner you find the overall average performance of your whole fleet on your most vital KPI’s, divided over time. This way you will be able to determine specific dates that stand out and the first overall correlations between KPI’s
4. In this graph the overall average status variable is mentioned. Including the total cost that are made per status.
5. The map shows the area of operations and can be enriched with extra information if needed. Think of windmills, harbours, oil rigs etc.
6. This area shows the overall average performance of individual vessels on the most vital KPI’s. This way over and underperforming vessels are flagged. Simply by selecting a vessel of interest a more specified dashboard is opened that shows more in depth visuals of that vessel. This way the user can learn from the individual performance and take those learnings to the whole fleet.

Vessel Specific Dashboard

By selecting a vessel on the main dashboard and select the button ‘vessel specific information’ you will open the deepdive dashboard. This view has mainly the same setup as the overall dashboard but focusses only on the selected vessel. This can be adapted as well and we are also working on standardised dashboards per type of vessel.


  1. The overall average performance of one vessel over the selected timeframe
  2. In depth performance per KPI over time. In this example we defined a day by day slot but we can visualise a performance by the second if needed.
  3. This shows a more indepth visualisation of separate KPI’s. The Smart Vessel Optimizer set-up comes with a set of predefined visuals but are as well convertible to own specific set-ups.
  4. Route sailed during the selected timeframe. This can be shown in dots or a single line.

Fleet Benchmark

The fleet benchmark dashboard is designed to support fast and easy benchmarking between individual vessel. This way fleet managers can compare individual performance over time per selected vessel. Performance can be visualised in trends to predict future situations. This way the fleet managers can anticipate situations and make funded optimization decisions.

KPI’s and visuals are easily adaptable to users need and can be changed and further developed by the user itself.

User Roadmap